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A busy President's Week!

Cruising on an SUPPresident’s Week has been especially busy this year; I counted well over 50 windsurfers on the water this afternoon (compared to 4 kiters). The winds have been good for a while and I had some great slalom sessions on an ISonic 107/Hellcat 6.5 followed by a fun freestyle day on a JP 98 and Firefly 5.3. Our quiver of 5.x sails was empty so we rigged additional sails. I finally got through testing all the JP boards. The new Excite Rides have been improved this year, slightly wider in the footstrap area and improved bottom shaping provides earlier planing, a slightly looser ride with a more comfortable sailing position. All boards in the line have a similar ride so switching up or down makes for an easy transition. The Super Sports have similar improvements, still with good speed but they seem to have a much smoother ride and more controllable jibing than previous years. Planing through jibes has never been easier! Next week on to the Starboards.

SUP session

Miles BorashWell known East Coast racer Miles Borash (winner of the Grand Masters in last year’s Aruba Hi Winds) was visiting for the week testing a quiver of Maui Sails TR 6’s with our ISonics, training and preparing for a Curacao event. Rumor has it Miles has a quiver of new TR7s waiting when he gets home next week.

How do we know the wind finally dropped???

- Miles was finally seen slogging on a 10 meter sail

Marty's new lines- Big Marty finally started slowing down [Marty was famous this week for breaking two harness lines (hence – Big Marty!) and was ecstatic when our carton of new lines arrived (4 weeks late)]

- ABK is coming to town (fortunately the wind kicked back in on ABKs starting day! I guess Andy still has an in with the wind gods.)

RRD Wassup fleetWassup?? Just in time for the 3 light wind days, new goodies arrived this week. Our container of 8 new SUPs arrived and they were setup and put into quick service, Vela now having a great selection of new 11, 10, 8.5 SUPs as well as two kids SUPs.  They were quickly setup and immediately were all on the water for paddling as well as light wind sailing fun. Big Marty said he had tons of light wind fun cruising the 11 footer with a 6.9 Firefly, while I played light wind freestyle on the 8 ft 6 in SUP with a 5.3 Firefly. The soft rails, slight rocker and smaller fins gave the board a really fun ride forward, backward and in transition, while Leo took it to the wreck and had fun catching the waves.

Mmmm!Our local friends Robert & Carina took us for an Aruban fish dinner at a local ‘restaurant’ called Zeerover (Dutch for Pirate). Nothing fancy, Zeerover is basically a Caribbean rum shop, on water by the fishing docks, down in Savaneta. At some point they added a ‘kitchen’ – outdoor sink, fryer, cooking counter. Fresh fish comes in daily and is cooked up that evening. You’re never sure what you are getting as ‘catch of the day’ is truly that. We had a great meal of Wahoo, shrimps, fries, and plantains. Liter bottles of cold Presidente beer from the Dominican Republic rounded out the meal.

Posted: February 28, 2011 at 09:35 AM
By: Windsport Magazine


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