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Matt interviews Kevin about Korea

Here is a little interview with my brother after getting back from the first PWA Slalom even in Korea.


Matt Pritchard: The first race of the season is now finished... Korea is always an interesting event. Tell us a little about the prelude to it. What is involved in your training schedule and what exactly do you do to prepare?

Kevin Pritchard: Yeah man, I was out training pretty much every day going for it. Got the boards all ready as much as possible and tuned up the sails. I was running buoys and working on my starts... putting in the time and energy.


How do you like the 6 sails/3 boards rule? Do you think it is a good call?

Oh, I dont know. I guess it's fine. I always liked having to be able to tune your gear to your likings and get everything set up just for what you wanted. I think that has taken away one aspect of the game to be able to design and create something new and innovative.


Do you think things would be different if the rules were like they were back in the days when you could use whatever equipment you wanted?

You never know. I know when I was at my fastest I had the best gear in the world, and that year pretty much no one could touch me. My gear combo now is pretty dang good but it's open for everyone to get it so you really have to be on your game. 


Obviously all the gear is pretty dang good out there. It seems like the competition is intense. Tell us a little about how that has changed and why do you think it has?

 I think that people are starting to figure out what it takes. It takes hard work and time on the water. I think a lot of people are putting in the time and energy and with a level playing field of gear, it really makes you have to step up your game to get an advantage.


What about Antoine? He is clearly the man. Do you have any thing to say about how he was getting his butt kicked by almost everyone and then when he jumped on the same team as you and using the boards you designed he started whooping everyone? I bet that kinda hurt.

Yeah. Antoine is really on a roll. I think that builds confidence and confidence builds speed. For him, I think he always struggled with figuring out how to get his gear tuned up for him. Now he is on the same gear as everyone and he is just flying. Cant take anything away from that. 


Do you think he could go out there and still win on your equipment?

Probably. I think that there is so little between all the gear that with his speed and confidence he would probably still win.


You have a couple other fellow US dudes out there on tour with you. Do you all hang out together or how does it all work when you are on tour? Do you hang with Micah B and Josh Angulo? 

A little bit. Not too much, but Micah, Greg Thomas, and I all traveled from Maui together and stayed in the same hotel, so we were hanging out a bit.


Speaking of Angulo, what is he doing in 31st place? Any ideas there? I had him being a top 3 slalom guy when he decided he was coming on tour.

 You know, he's a busy guy. He deals with his own board brand, he just got on new sails, and the level is high. Josh will be back. He is fast, a fierce competitor and knows what it takes to be in the game.


Is there anything you want to say to all your North American fans out there? 

I think that it's great to get support from your fans whenever possible. I have a blog (CLICK HERE) where I talk about the inside scoop a lot and it really stokes me out when people comment and get behind me. I think that is cool.


How do you consider your performance at this event and what are you going to do to prepare for the next one?

It is not where I want to be. I want to be at least on the podium, if not on top of the podium. I am going to go in a bit more confident for the next one and step it up.


Thanks for your time.

No worries.


Posted: May 25, 2010 at 03:38 PM


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