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2013 No-Cam Freeride Sails

Feb 28, 2013

Who needs a NO-CAM FREERIDE SAIL sail? If you are looking for and easy to use sail for blasting around on that requires the least amount of hassle to use then this is your group. Some models are faster and more performance oriented then others but you should be able to figure out exactly what fits your need from the writeups.



2013 Aerotech FreeSpeedAerotech Freespeed

Concept: Free ride
The FreeSpeed is a no cam slalom sail designed for fast freeriding. It’s built tough and has a very powerful shape. With a combination of vertical and horizontal seam shaping, this sail allows maximum performance in a no-cam design. It is designed for those who want to go fast with a ‘no hassle’ high-performance feel.

Construction: This model features 100% grid construction for the ultimate in durability and UV resistance. Other features include a raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, and insignia tape reinforcing. Rod battens are used in this sail.

UDL04 Technora limited edition version features the ultra light, ultra strong UDLO4 material. This cloth is substantially lighter and allows the sail to be 10% to 15% lighter than standard models.
Designed for those who deserve the best.

2013 Aerotech FreeSpeed specs



2013 Bic Core

Bic Sport Core

Sizes: 5.5, 6.0, 6.5

Easy handling, all-rounder, steady smooth power

Really performs in light to moderate winds.

Its modern design gives it a wide wind range despite the absence of cambers. With plenty of sail area down low, it's got plenty of power to get you up and planning easily, with a smooth and steady pull allowing you to get into the harness and footstraps comfortably.
With no cams it is easy to manoeuvre during gybes, tacks and tricks. With its soft response it is easy to control and simply fun to ride. Ideal for all our freeride boards and for making your first runs.

Delivered in a very practical sail bag that includes additional pockets for storing the mast and the mast base, and the possibility to attach the boom so that it can be carried «all in one». These articles are to be found under "related products" on the rig package page.


2013 Chinook Power Glide

Chinook Power Glide

Performance, durability, and light-weight built into one sail. Majority of X-ply material combined with Dacron is very light yet extremely durable. Endo-batten seam shaping helps to create a powerful sail that is tunable with screw-adjusting batten tensioners. Designed for demanding recreational sailors. RBS Battens. Current available color pattern is Red/Black/White. 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.7, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5

2013 Chinook Power Glide specs 




2013 Ezzy Cheetah

Ezzy Cheetah

The Ezzy Cheetah  - an enhanced version of last years collection as well.  We’ve upgraded the Cheetah with colorfilm, a beautiful new graphic layout, and both our Calibrated Downhaul System and traditional downhaul head gauges.

The Cheetah is a ripping camless Freeride model that balances excellent performance and speed with the absolute best construction of any sail in its class.

Every Ezzy Cheetah is rigged and fine tuned in our factory before shipping.

At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service.
Email us at ( and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

2013 Ezzy Cheetah



2013 Goya NexusGoya Nexus

The Nexus is a No-Cam Freeride & Freerace sail that supplies the maximum of power, speed and control in the Goya Sail range. The Nexus is pure performance.

While cut for power, speed and control in all sizes, the focus is on maneuverability in sizes 4.3 to 6.9 and lift and control in sizes 7.5 to 9.0. Forward and focused drive and crisp, easy handling make Nexus the “go to” sail for maximum performance in bump and jump and flat water conditions.

Sizes 4.3 to 6.9 come as a six batten deisgn, while sizes 7.5 to 9.0 come with seven battens, offering maximum drive while sharing the same built and features.

Jason Diffin: “The Nexus is pure freeride and freerace performance. While cut for power, speed and control in all sizes, the focus is on maneuverability in 4.3-6.9 and lift and control in sizes 7.5, 8.2 and 9.0. Forward and focused drive and crisp, easy handling make Nexus the “go to” sail for maximum performance in bump and jump and flat water conditions.”

ECO Concept
Goya ECO sails make use of factory stocked Goya foils and cloth, hence not creating the need and impact of producing new materials. What that translates into is an economical advantage for you and an ecological advantage for nature.

ECO Construction
These sails are a win win for both you and mother nature. They are at the same time economical and ecological by making use of factory overstocked genuine Goya foils and cloth. Hence the need and impact of producing new materials is reduced considerably, saving energy, raw materials and waste.

This sail is available in the following color combinations: TURQUOISE, RASPBERRY

Reduced Head
This sail features the Goya trademark reduced head leech outline. The Reduced Head works as if you were adding 5mm of tail rocker to your board, making it easier to go around tight corners. Further it reduces head “wag” and makes the sail much quieter in the hands, which increases your comfort and control, meaning more time for you on the water.

Get the best performance of this sail with a Goya RDM Direct Drive Mast featurning Diagonal Flex™ technology. Learn more

2013 Goya Nexus specs



2013 Hot Sails Maui SpeedFreekHot Sails Maui SpeedFreek

The SpeedFreak is a sail which was developed by Jeffrey Henderson in conjunction with our forum participants. The idea was to make a SuperFreak for light wind flat-water sailing in the same style as our Dacron® SuperFreak and we are thrilled with the result.

The SpeedFreak is an amazingly smooth riding sail. It is much easier to sail than a comparable monofilm freeride sail as the Dacron® absorbs the gusts, and the sail can be pumped onto a plane in very little wind. The ride is completely quiet and jibing is so smooth you would never guess you on a speed type sail. The sail is not critical of your sailing style either. If your harness lines are a little out of balance, or your outhaul is slightly to tight or too loose, this sail can work with you. It turns lighter wind sailing into a completely low stress pleasure. It is no slouch for top end speed either, having its outline and shaping based on our universally loved Speed Demon sail.

SpeedFreak Sail Features

  • The main body of the sail is made of 3 different weight Dacrons with the high-tension downhaul supported with 125 micron Polyant/Dimension X-Ply®. The sail is available with or without a PVC window.
  • 7 battens total (no cambers)
  • 4 Epoxy tube race sail battens
  • Ox-Webbing luff sleeve
  • Durable Dacron®, X-Ply® & PVC construction
  • Easy rigging and de-rigging
  • Extremely crease and wrinkle resistant
  • Smooth, and quiet power delivery
  • Colorful
  • Lightweight

Options: The SpeedFreak is available in custom colors, please let us know how you would like your new sail to look, alternatively you can choose one of the production colors.

2013 Hot Sails Maui SpeedFreek specs


2013 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak ULHot Sails Maui SuperFreak UL

The UL (Ultra light) version of the SuperFreak Classic utilizes a fabric that is 50% lighter than our normal lightweight Dacron on 50% of the sail results in shocking performance.

Though the physical weight of the sail is nearly the same, the "feel" is dramatically lighter. Increased, gust absorption, lighter handling, and reduced momentum all result in the feeling of a sail .5m smaller.

The SuperFreak Classic UL can be rigged with much less tension than the SuperFreak Classic in standard Dacron. This gives great low-end range and inexplicable perfect stability in gusty winds making it a premium Freeride sail.

Superfreak Classic UL Features:

The Superfreak Classic UL is one of the lightest sails in the world. The construction is second to none, and the quality of the construction is amazing.

The Ultralight panels are sewn with smaller needles and thinner thread to keep them smooth and prevent seam damage. All the edges of woven cloths are folded and hemmed under, all seams are glued and triple stitched. The mast sleeve can withstand having the mast break in two and splinter without damage to the sail. These are not normal features on ANY other brand of sail.

2013 Hot Sails Maui SuperFreak UL specs


2013 MauiSails AlohaMauiSails Aloha

Aloha is the introduction, the beginning, and will continue to serve you as long as you use it well. The 2013 Aloha invites easy sailing and a wonderful way of life because we considered every factor of performance, and the value of function. Five battens in the sizes above 5.5 and four below, keep the sails light and reactive.

Evolved into a well tested and highly developed RAF by Art Szpunar's continuous updates, we also find his freedom to decorate the clear surface has brought the fun out. The three color scheme jumps out at you, and more XPly emphasizes the colors and provides extra durability.

Low Tension Settings make rigging and tuning easy and simple, perfect for beginner to intermediates. Properly set you will have the shaping to handle anything. The 2013 Aloha delivers what you need to comfortably transition to the next level of higher performance.

The bits and pieces:

  • Generous use of highest quality U.S. made Xply material.
  • Low profile batten tension system with stainless steel adjustment screws.
  • Anti chafe polyurethane head bumper.
  • Increased boom cutout depth aids boom attachment.
  • Full framework of Kevlar unidirectional reinforcement.
  • Super strong Inox clew fitting.
  • Seam and foot beads for chafe protection.
  • Tough tack and sleeve anti-chafe material
  • Welded stainless steel and bronze triple wheel tack pulley for low corrosion.

2013 MauiSails Aloha specs


2013 MauiSails PursuitMauiSails Pursuit

NoCam Slalom at its best.

Catching and passing your buddy or boyfriend (go faster ladies!) is an ever present pastime at most friendly beaches. When you have the Pursuit in your hands, naturally you want to catch the other person, or go faster. This highly refined RAF slalom outline has the shaping and tension to keep it at the level of fastest in its class. Well designed shape distribution produces a smooth transition from the fullness of the lower sections to the flatter upper sections and this makes the transitions and handling especially soft and easy.

The 2013 Pursuit is for fun slalom and easy sailing with current slalom boards. The sails handle a broad variety of conditions and the light weight makes it easier to spend more time sailing. Our exclusive lightweight color shift material with Small Yarn Light Film, and functional XPly materials define the graphic look that makes the Pursuit experience colorful and satisfying.

The bits and pieces:

  • Generous use of unique color gradient lightweight U.S. made Xply material.
  • Low profile batten tension system with stainless steel adjustment screws.
  • Tube/rod battens have tapered batten pockets to keep tips straight.
  • Anti chafe polyurethane head bumper.
  • Fixed head webbing for easy insertion of mast without fussy head plug alignment.
  • Seam and foot beads for chafe protection
  • Increased boom cutout depth aids boom attachment.
  • Full framework of Kevlar unidirectional reinforcement.
  • New moderate clew cutaway for enhanced handling.
  • Lightweight clew fitting with easy rigging loop feature.
  • Welded stainless steel and bronze triple wheel tack pulley

2013 MauiSails Pursut specs


2013 Loftsails OxygenLoftsails Oxygen

Freeride/slalom defined.

The feeling on the water is what sets the Oxygen apart from the rest. Shaped for cam-free speed & power, the Loftsails O2/Oxygen design has enjoyed a decade of superlative magazine test results.

The Oxygen 2013 is light: our exclusive Mega X upper body panels reduce weight while adding damage resistance. 
The Oxygen batten layout works harmonically with its forward oriented profile to produce responsive low-end planing power.

The Oxygen is sensitive to pumping… alive, breathing. 
Trim the Oxygen for the upper end, the result is speed rivaling specialized cam designs. 
Trim the Oxygen soft, and your light-wind windsurfing is transformed to 4X4. 
Firm trim sets the Oxygen slim and responsive for the upper end. 
Oxygen sizes up to 8.4: 6 battens (4 tubed) and the Sensitip head batten system. 
Oxygen sizes 9.6: 7 battens (5 tubed) and the Sensitip head batten system.


  •  The Loft’s integrated panel concept
  •  State-of-the-art first-quality triaxial and bi-axial laminates
  •  Stepped x-ply application; tri-ax reinforced laminate foot, bi-axial laminate mid & upper sections, monofilm interior
  • Sensitip head batten system

2013 Loftsails Oxygen specs

2013 Naish Rally


Naish Rally

An easy handling no-cam sail for freeride/freemove sailors of any age, size and skill level.

From the 7.9 down to the 4.0, the Rally is a world-renowned freeride sail that delivers incredible handling, early planing and superb freeride control. The 4.6 down to the 2.6 are optimized for lighter weights for beginners and smaller riders. The 2.0 and 1.4 are perfect trainer sails for small children.

Key Features:

  • Bump-and-jump to freeride in one range
  • Early planing, easy handling and fast!
  • Single scrim luff panel, narrow sleeve, size-optimized batten geometry

2013 Naish Rally specs


2013 NeilPryde HellcatNeilPryde Hellcat

Hellcat is a fast, powerful freerace sail without cams. It delivers an exhilarating combination of speed and acceleration in a lightweight, easy-to-rig package that planes effortlessly – minimum effort for maximum return. With its roots in the Racing Program, Hellcat gets going swiftly and moves rapidly.


  • Luff-Curve: Race-inspired ensuring high skin tension and fast reflex for maximum acceleration and top-end speed. 
  • Pronounced Dynamic Compact Clew: Helping the twist to be progressive for optimum draft control and stability. 
  • Component battens: Six tubular batten configuration reducing weight while giving optimum profile shape and stability. One rod bottom batten for deep foot profile and durability. 
  • Light feeling: The progressive luff curve and low center of effort make the sail feel light and responsive.


A narrower sleeve combined with a pronounced Dynamic Compact Clew lock the draft and centre of effort at the leading edge improving maneuverability and handling.

2013 NeilPryde Hellcat specs


2013 NeilPryde SolarNeilPryde Solar

Solar is our most user-friendly sail. Optimised for classic flat-water freeriding, the Solar offers great lowend power and stability. It is light, easy to handle and rig. ArmourWeb reinforced construction in the foot, luff and clew area ensures durability.


  • Four battens up to 5.7. Keeps the sail weight to a minimum for optimum performance.
  • Balanced Draft creating good lift without causing more backhand pressure when overpowered.
  • Light feeling Monofilm main body construction keeps the sail lightweight and responsive.
  • ArmourWeb Reinforced panels in the foot, luff and clew area.
  • Intermediate Foot Size for optimum balance between easy maneuvers and performance.

Pro Tip:

"The Solar is great for learning how to water start, jibe or just have a good blast around. The number one sail for freeride fun on the water."—Robby Swift

2013 NeilPryde Solar specs



2013 North NaturalNorth Natural

Windsurfing at its best! He who does not want to deal with technical trimming but just wants to enjoy windsurfing in the most relaxed manner has found exactly the right sail with the new NATURAL. Great handling and balanced performance! The NATURAL accelerates without pumping, offers a surprisingly high speed potential and inspires with its high draft stability.

The current NATURAL with CROSS.BATTEN.CONSTRUCTION CUTAWAY.CLEW makes the problem of choosing the right sail for many riders obsolete and brings windsurfing back to what it should be: pure fun! This is ensured by the all new VTS.PLUS trim indicators (FAST.RIGGING.INDICATION) which makes all NATURAL with fix-top even easier and faster to rig. Thanks to precise specifications of the mast- and boom lengths the down-and outhaul are simply pulled as far as it goes, done! Of course, the traditional VTS trimming dots are also available to allow all specialists more flexibility for maximum performance.

The secret of the perfectly balanced range of the NATURAL is the PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION. As a result, the focus for sizes up to 5.8 is still on handling and draft stability, which explains why only 5 battens are in place. At 6.2 and above, the design focuses on performance while Kai Hopf once again concentrated on simple rig control and handling characteristics. Both versions offer excellent control, a high level of comfort, and plenty of planing ability - the perfect synthesis of speed, acceleration, and handling.

The new NATURAL with CROSS.BATTEN.CONSTRUCTION and CUTAWAY.CLEW will make windsurfing much less complicated, and we believe that for many sailors the problem of choosing the right equipment is almost obsolete.
VTS.PLUS fast-rigging indicators for even easier trimming
VTS and HTS: NorthSails exclusive visual trim indications make rigging a piece of cake
2 MASTS FIT ALL: with only 2 masts you cover all sizes
DURA.LUFF.PATCH avoids damage to the luff panel from rigging


  • 01 NEW: Steeper top batten for more power and better twist, greater acceleration and wider wind range
  • 02 NEW: VTS.PLUS fast-rigging indicators for even easier trimming
  • 03 VTS and HTS: NorthSails patented visual trim indications make rigging a piece of cake
  • 04 TWO MASTS FIT ALL: with only 2 masts you cover all sizes
  • 05 DURA.LUFF.PATCH avoids damage to the luff panel from rigging

2 Year Warranty. Get an additional 3 years warranty

2013 North Natural specs


2013 North X_typeNorth X_type

One who says that only sails with cambers are true performance engines has never been out on an X_TYPE. This extremely versatile sail combines convincing handling and rigging of a NoCam sail with a very tangy power delivery and top speed. Simply powerful thrust and speed AND the ease of a NoCam sail for relaxed maneuvers. The secret is the reduced aspect ratio that was taken over by the World Cup winning sail WARP F2012 plus the relatively high sail foil tension which guarantees maximum performance even without cambers.

The new X_TYPE fascinates not only with top end performance but also during acceleration and planing due to the deep profile below the boom and the TT.TOP with active twist. Thanks to a pronounced CUTAWAY.CLEW the boom length is kept nice and short!

The forward draft location facilitates rig control and steering, and significantly contributes to what is an unusually high draft stability profile for a NoCam sail. Thanks to the PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION, all X_TYPE models feature batten numbers relevant to size and application, with Kai Hopf managing to perfect the 6.0 and 5.4 sizes with just 6 battens. This helps reduce weight and improves handling. What’s more all X_TYPE sizes can be used with a single 460 mast - one mast fits all!



  • 01 NEW: Steeper top batten for more power and better twist, greater acceleration and wider wind range
  • 02 iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective moulded mast protector
  • 03 Lower aspect ratio makes for increased acceleration after start and jibing
  • 04 Increased durability through solid X.PLY foot construction
  • 05 MINIMUM.MAST.CONCEPT: one mast (460-25) fits all sizes

2 Year Warranty. Get an additional 3 years warranty

2013 North X_type specs

2013 Sailworks Hucker 





Sailworks Hucker

Muscle-car windsurfing is here in a high-octane design that is optimized for speed blasting and floaty hang time. Are you a bigger, taller more aggressive rider? The Hucker is a power rider's dream - with its firmer leech tension, and higher center of effort, its purpose-built for goin' fast and jumpin' high.

Taken to the air, the Hucker cheats gravity with its lofty hang time and long glide ratio. Wanna see a Hucker fly? Check this out!

2013 Sailworks Hucker specs



2013 Sailworks Retro

Sailworks Retro

For 15 years the Retro has set the benchmark for freeride sail performance. In 2011 we introduced the most significant overhaul to the Retro in 10 years: a new tri-radial panel layout; significant weight optimizing for a lighter, livelier feel; and more low end power. For 2012 we are consolidating those very successful improvements with a small collection of subtle refinements on targeted sizes.

The Retro sports a low center of effort, made possible by a smaller head, longer chord and deeper foot profile. Mitigating the longer chord length is a clew cutout for the boom, which reduces the actual boom length, lowers the swing weight of the rig and makes it possible to use a given boom on a larger size sail than was previously possible.

2013 Sailworks Retro specs



2013 Severne ConvertSeverne Convert

The CONVERT is built for maximum durability at an entry-level price.

This sail will push your windsurfing ability without the punishment for error, withstanding the toughest impacts time after time.  This is an obvious choice for anyone looking for a fun sail, allowing them to progress with ease and durability without breaking the bank.

This I00% X-ply sail is packed with features such as the Dropped Clew for shorter, more manageable booms lengths, durable seamless head and foot construction and dual clew positions for shorter and taller riders. The shaping and geometry are set up for a balanced, stable feel and a forward pulling drive for a relaxed, easy stance.

  • FUN

2013 Severne Convert specs



2013 Severne NCXSeverne NCX


Built on the SEVERNE race sail platform with reduced aspect ratios, a more connected leech and higher skin tension, the NCX delivers accessible race sail performance without cams.  The design emphasis is on an extremely balanced sail, with built in shock-absorbing properties, allowing the rider to maintain a comfortable stance through gusts and chop, and provide a huge wind range.

Race sail features such as the Stabilizor Panel, dropped clew and shaping to connect the head and leech of the sail define the ultimate performance.  The fastest  and most fun no cam sail today.

The NCX Pro is an upgrade version built on the same NCX platform, allowing freeride customers access to race sail features such as the REFLEX System and eM3 material technology.


2013 Severne NCX specs 


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