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2013 Freeride Cam Sails

Feb 28, 2013

Who wants a cam sail? Camber-inducers are small plastic cups in a sail's luff-sleeve that butt up against the mast forcing the foil shape into the sail. Benefits to this locked-in foil are generally greater stability and low-end power. Anyone sailing in light and gusty conditions (on sails above 6.0-meter) could benefit from a FREERIDE CAM SAIL. Don't believe the haters that call them "hard to rig" or "heavy". With just a little practice you'll be rigged on the water and flying past them as they're stalled out in the lulls!



2013 Aerotech Rapid FireAerotech Rapid Fire

Concept: Freeride
The Rapid Fire has been updated for 2009. This was the first slalom sail to offer 100% grid construction and that tradition continues. This twin cam slalom series features one cam below the boom and one above. For 2009 the Rapid Fire is all about power. Its new double vertical luff panel as well as slightly wider sleeve improves power and gives this sail a 'race sail' feel.

Construction:This model features 100% grid construction
for the ultimate in durability and UV resistance. Other features include; micro roller cams, a new raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized rollers, and insignia tape reinforcing. A mixture of rod and tubular battens are used in this sail.

UDL04 Technora limited edition version features the ultra light, ultra strong UDLO4 material. This cloth is substantially lighter and allows the sail to be 10% to 15% lighter than standard models.
Designed for those who deserve the best.

2013 Aerotech Rapid Fire specs


2013 Bic One DesignBic Sports One Design

Sizes: 5.8, 6.8, 7.8, 8.5


Powerful acceleration, light in the hands, and a huge wind range!

In order to support the growth and development of the Techno 293 OD class, BIC Windsurf developed the One Design Rig package for use specifically by youth sailors on OD boards. This rig package has been designed to be raced in the widest wind range possible, representing the best possible compromise between light wind pumping performance and high wind planing performance.

The key features of these rigs include:

  • A huge wind range: from 6 to 30 knots. By tuning the downhaul and outhaul, the sail can be rigged either very full with a tight leech, or very flat with an open leech.
  • A draft placement at approx. 40% from the front of the sail (freeride sails = 30% / sub-planing sails = 50%), offering the best compromise between lightwind performance and high wind control.
  • 6 batten / 2 cam configuration for the best compromise between weight and performance.
  • A very stable profile for ease of use and control in the high winds.
  • A tack strap tensioner for maximum tuning range and power in light winds.
  • X-Ply reinforcements in critical areas, durable luff pocket material and webbing batten tensioners for ease of use and practicality in a club and racing environment. Though you may not win every race in all wind conditions, the goal of the One Design sails is to make sure that you have the tools to win the regatta!

Delivered in a very practical sail bag that includes additional pockets for storing the mast and the mast base, and the possiblity to attach the boom so that it can be carried "all in one".

The rig package includes the items mentioned under the heading "Related products" on the left-hand side of this page.

2013 Ezzy Lion

Ezzy Lion

Inspired by 8-time world champion Kevin Pritchard, the Lion is the new king of cambered freeride sails.
It’s a predator that is bred to hunt down other sailors and devour them.

The Lion is fast flying over the water, and fast to get on the water–easy to rig with Ezzy cams.

The Lion is also easy to waterstart and uphaul with a narrow mast sleeve that doesn’t hold excessive heavy water. With a wide wind range, you need fewer sails, meaning less time deciding what to rig.

The Ezzy Lion is light, making jibes snappier and more consistent. Unparalleled Ezzy build standards guarantee the Lion is strong, using the latest high-tech fabrics (like Technora, Spectra, and Color-Fusion Trilite). Without a single speck of monofilm, the Lion has the same Ezzy construction developed to survive years of use and abuse.

And of course, like every Ezzy, each Lion is rigged and tuned in the factory so that it is ready for you right out of the bag.

Sail longer, stronger, faster, and more competitively with the new Ezzy Lion.

Unmatched customer service.
We take our customers as seriously as we do our sails.
Email us ( and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

2013 Ezzy Lion specs


2013 Hot Sails Maui GP2Hot Sails Maui GP2

The GP2 sets the standard for the new breed of freerace sails.

Powerful, fast and easy to sail, the GP2 fits perfectly between the recreational no-cam SpeedDemon and the maximum performance GPS. It has more power and performance than the SpeedDemon but remains easy to use and rig. It has a deep draft with lots of twist to balance power and control.

The sail is supplied with two sets of cams for either RDM or SDM masts. The sleeve is as narrow as we could make it so it does not become a sea anchor when dropped in the water!

GP2 Sails Features:

  • 7 battens with 5 tube battens
  • 2 camber Inducers
  • Minimized Sleeve Width
  • Fully compatible with most SDM & RDM masts
  • Advanced 3-d seam shaping
  • Lightweight and easy handling
  • Cam-flex sleeve patches for smooth rotation and easy transitions

2013 Hot Sails Maui GP2 specs


Loftsails Switchblade

2013 Loftsails SwitchbladeAccessible Freerace defined.

The 2013 Loftsails Switchblade design is slalom/freeride performance optimization, throughout its huge windrange.  
The Switchblade 2013 is light: our exclusive  Mega X upper body panels reduce weight while adding damage resistance.
With 3 Tekcams and the cross-batten concept, The Switchblade design is progressive & easy,  fast and light. Its performance profile & exceptional balance results in an enormous wind range.

Switchblade high luff-elasticity results in an effective downhaul trim of over 5cm will morph the Switchblade from a light wind powerhouse to high-wind/race winning performance.

The 2013 Switchblade designs are targeted at slalom/freeride performance in lighter winds, upwind,  wide boards & raceboards (with centerboard). The exclusive Blade mast pocket construction creates a clean, fully loaded mast pocket- with equalized loading & ease of rotation.

The result is an easy-balanced, light feeling. Exclusive Loftsails Tekcams lets the Switchblade fit all masts types- rdm & sdm- 
For rdm masts- 3 Reduced Tekcams are packed into the sailbag… simply remove the Large Tekcams, and place Reduced Tekcams. Switch! Simple!


  •  Blade mast pocket construction: mast panel AND pocket sides (3 elements) tensioned directly
  •  Firm, clean, easy-rotating leading edge
  •  Sensitip head batten system
  •  Alternate side batten pocket applications with xply pockets (centered battens)
  •  Metallic cam interfaces
  • Tekcams (x3).  Simple, functional, light, adjustable, durable.
  • Rdm recommended, ndm compatible.

2013 Loftsails Switchblade specs


2013 MauiSails BlazeMauiSails Blaze


The Blaze for 2013 is our successful two and three cam narrow sleeve design range. The conservative clew cutaway and shape/tension relationships developed in synch with our successful TR-8 racing program are blended with the minimal conical sleeve that was requested. Smooth feathering rotation and racing performance are excellent for Formula Experience and simply going fast. The smooth twist character requires only moderate downhaul to achieve the correct setting and this makes for a soft feel and easy maneuvering.

The use of X-Ply adds to the performance value and a graphic look easily recognized from far offshore. Four light weight tube/rod battens support general shape stability and tensioning system keeps the  trailing edge tension correct, tack to tack.

The conical sleeve never holds water and makes recovery and waterstarts easy. Lightweight and durable, the tough anti-chafe material protects the sleeve and tack area from damage. Attaching the boom is simple using the deep cutout, especially when using the MauiSails custom boom head design. The lightweight loop-on clew fitting is a low friction solution to outhaul adjustment that makes The Blaze full race capable and easy to use.

The 2013 Blaze is going to be the favorite go-to sail for anyone wanting the combo of lighter weight, 75% SRS Carbon mast compatibility, and minimal sleeve dimension slalom performance. After driving through a couple of sweet easy jibes with RAF style rotation, the Blaze will certainly keep the fire lit.

The bits and pieces:

  • Generous use of highest quality U.S. made Xply material.
  • Low profile batten tension system with stainless steel adjustment screws.
  • Tube/rod battens have tapered batten pockets to keep tips straight.
  • Anti chafe polyurethane head bumper.
  • Fixed head webbing for easy insertion of mast without fussy head plug alignment.
  • Increased boom cutout depth aids boom attachment.
  • Full framework of Kevlar unidirectional reinforcement
  • Race level clew cutaway.
  • Lightweight clew fitting with easy rigging loop feature.
  • Seam and foot beads for chafe protection.
  • Tough tack and sleeve anti-chafe material
  • Roller wheel cams with asymmetric shape.
  • Welded stainless steel and bronze triple wheel tack pulley.

2013 MauiSails Blaze specs


2013 MauiSails Titan GSMauiSails Titan GS

Titan is king.

The 2013 Titan-GS takes after its big brother, the TR-9. Based on the successful aspect ratio alterations and subsequent shaping adjustments of the TR program, Titan-GS is evolving to be the most perfect sail for fast free riding and Formula Experience racing. The lower aspect ratio and slightly wider sleeve with more lightweight XPly ensures the best application of extra cam pressure to stabilize draft. The continued use of flexible materials also makes the rotation soft and easy.

The desirable handling character and fluid maneuvering is a design trait from MauiSails that is already well known. Formula Experience racers find the new slightly flatter profile aloft matches perfectly with the deeper sections around the boom for acceleration and top speed control. Refined adjustments to leech seams respond to the moderate downhaul that results in the correct setting of the twist.

The increased use of X-Ply materials, including our custom gradient 3mil, creates a color shifting palette for a most attractive appearance.  Tensioning the battens via our custom end fittings smoothes the trailing edge on both tacks evenly and the four tube/rod battens guarantee shape stability and light weight.

The sleeve design always drains water quickly. Recovery and water-starts after falls is simple because of the minimal sleeve. It is only as large as necessary to rig with cams off. The greatest effort has gone into having rotation to jibe like an RAF, so we are almost forgetting there are cams.

Sleeve and tack area are protected from damage by a lightweight covering and the deep cutout is perfect for easily attaching the boom, especially when using the MauiSails custom carbon front end design. We recommend the use of an adjustable outhaul and include an integrated lightweight loop-on clew pulley as the low friction solution for full race capability.

The 2013 Titan-GS is the ideal sail for easy Freerace sailing, with manageable power and competition speed.

The bits and pieces:

  • Generous use of highest quality U.S. made Xply material.
  • Low profile batten tension system with stainless steel adjustment screws.
  • Tube/rod battens have tapered batten pockets to keep tips straight.
  • Anti chafe polyurethane head bumper.
  • Fixed head webbing for easy insertion of mast without fussy head plug alignment.
  • Increased boom cutout depth aids boom attachment.
  • Zippered neoprene cutout closure.
  • Full framework of Kevlar unidirectional reinforcement
  • Race level clew cutaway.
  • Lightweight clew fitting with easy rigging loop feature.
  • Seam and foot beads for chafe protection.
  • Tough tack and sleeve anti-chafe material
  • Roller wheel cams with asymmetric shape.
  • Welded stainless steel and bronze triple wheel tack pulley.

2013 MauiSails Titan GS specs 


2013 Naish Indy 

Naish Indy

A lightweight, compact 2-cam slalom sail for sailors wanting early planing, outstanding top speed and user-friendly handling.

Designed with unique internal shaping, a low aspect ratio geometry, a moderate width sleeve, and 6 battens/2 cams, the Indy delivers incredible low-end acceleration, early planing and excellent top speed. The compact boom and short luff length ensures featherlight, user-friendly handling.

Key Features:

  • Ultralight radial slalom construction
  • Early planing, great power, easy handling
  • Single luff panel, medium sleeve, 6 battens/3 tubes/2 cams

2013 Naish Indy specs



2013 NeilPryde H2NeilPryde H2

H2 Racing combines high performance, handling and pure speed exhilaration. The ‘club’ version of the legendary RS:Racing, it is fast with incredible low-end acceleration and top-end speed.


Pronounced Dynamic Compact Clew making the twist progressive for optimum draft control and stability.
Low-end Power: Deep profile in the boom area ensuring high lift and early planing performance.
Race Inspired Luff Curve: High body tension coupled with progressive twist for high reflex, speed and top-end acceleration.
Component battens: Seven tubular batten configuration reducing weight while giving optimum profile shape and stability. One rod bottom batten for deep foot profile and durability.


Modular sleeve construction featuring a low friction material in the cam area combined with ultra-light stretch resistant Kevlar™ laminated upper sleeve. This construction ensures a soft cam rotation while reducing the weight and stabilising the profile leading edge.


2013 NeilPryde H2 specs


2013 NeilPryde Hornet

NeilPryde Hornet

If you’re looking for easy planing, handling and light feel then the Hornet is your sail of choice. With a six batten layout and two IntegraCams, the Hornet gets planing with no effort. The cams keep the profile set, so every gust will be converted instantly into forward motion.


Light and Forgiving: IntegraCams support the profile and allow a six batten layout, keeping the Hornet light with smooth power delivery.
Narrow Sleeve for easy handling and effortless water starts.
Early Planing through camber induced moderate-deep profile.
Instant Rotation thanks to the nature of the IntegraCam that places the leading edge tension just behind the mast as it would be on a no-cam sail.


"Development of the new IntegraCam allowed me to use one batten less than on the Hellcat, reducing the weight and increasing power. The two IntegraCams induce the profile making this sail excellent in passive planing."—Robert Stroj, designer

2013 NeilPryde Hornet specs


North RAM F13

2013 North RAM F13Maximum performance just below World Cup level with a balanced handling - these are the cornerstones for the development of the RAM F13. So the starting point this time could be again just the current World Cup WARP. To make its unbeatable performance easier to manage, first we removed one camber plus the mast sleeve width was reduced. Then all the components, design features and details were exactly matched to the range of use in order to obtain the simplest possible handling without any performance compromises. As a result the RAM F13 is, and remains a relentlessly fast Slalom sail, with again improved acceleration power and top speed over the whole wind range through a steeper angle of the top batten.

7 battens, a narrower mast sleeve and the reduced weight make the RAM F13 far less physical to handle than the WARP F2012.

The INDEPENDENT.SHAPING.CONCEPT supports this concept decisively. Instead of just using one kind of shaping for the complete sail (sail body and mast sleeve), Kai worked with 2 separate 3-D profiles for the sail body and mast sleeve. The wind range has improved drastically by an impressive 25%.

Additionally the TWIN.TRIM.CLEW lends further positive range of use. The secret of the TWIN.TRIM.CLEW lies with horizontally placed clew eyelets. The outer clew position provides more power and direct feeling, while the inner position lends superior control and a softer sensation.

The TT.TOP, super stiff BOX.BATTEN and the wide and conical AERO.SLEEVE mast sleeve design features, lead the new RAM F13 to breathtaking top end speeds for both GPS and competition pilots. A missile of this caliber has never been so easy to use and is the secret to it’s success.


  • 01 New: Steeper top batten for more power and better twist, greater acceleration and wider wind range
  • 02 New: MODERATE.CUTAWAY.CLEW - less flex and opening of the CROSS.BATTEN for more power and more direct acceleration
  • 03 iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective moulded mast protector
  • 04 Increased power through increased preshaping in the boom and foot area
  • 05 Lower aspect ratio makes for increased acceleration after start and jibing
  • 06 INDEPENDENT.SHAPING.CONCEPT improves rotation, control and acceleration
  • 07 TWIN.TRIM.CLEW allows for individual tuning increasing the range of use
  • 08 HYPER.CAM - the first hard camber that rotates like a soft cam

2 Year Warranty. Get additional 3 year Warranty

2013 North RAM F13 specs 


2013 North S_typeNorth S_type

With the new S_TYPE the incredible story of our most successful sail continues! International magazines have repeatedly declared the predecessors as test winner, which made the S_TYPE the benchmark in its class. To maintain this, for 2013 Kai Hopf developed new features and an optimized profile which increase the outstanding performance yet again.

For example a small but essential detail is the steeper top batten, which provides a better connection to the top of the sail, which gives a more active twist. This leads to quicker acceleration and an expanded wind range. Following the extremely successful WARP F2012 the compact shape got taken over, but with a slightly longer CROSS.BATTEN. This results in greater comfort and control during acceleration and in overpowered conditions, because the longer CROSS.BATTEN flexes more. These and many other details secure that the S_TYPE combines planing with impressive performance and incredible speed. Better than any other sail - without any disadvantages in control or handling! The medium wide luff sleeve supports this, CONICAL.AERO.SLEEVE.DESIGN that offers the best combination of optimum propulsion and great for water starting.

Another reason for the huge range of use is the medium-size CONICAL.AERO.SLEEVE. DESIGN mast pocket. This represents the ideal compromise between optimum propulsion and comfortable waterstart behaviour. Regardless whether at high speed or simply cruising and jibing, the S_TYPE has many faces - the perfect universal performer.

As to its durability: Apart from legendary features such as DOUBLE.SEAM and DURATECH.FOOT, we gave the CROSS.BATTEN additional seam protection to prevent chafing. Simply ingenious: All S_TYPE sizes work with one mast length!


  • 01 NEW: Steeper top batten for more power and better twist, greater acceleration and wider wind range
  • 02 iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective moulded mast protector
  • 03 Lower aspect ratio makes for increased acceleration after start and jibing
  • 04 MINIMUM.MAST.CONCEPT: one mast (460-25) fits all sizes
  • 05 HYPER.CAM - the first hard camber that rotates like a soft cam
  • 06 SWITCH.CAM.OPTION 3/2: 3 cams for max. performance - 2 cams for improved handling

2 Year Warranty. Get an additional 3 years warranty

2013 North S-type specs

2013 Severne Turbo


Severne Turbo


It is based on our race sail platform with higher skin tension and pre tensioned leeches, increasing the low end power and top end control. The 2 cams stabilize the foil and provide pre set shaping for power and drive through gusts and lulls. By maintaining the drive forward in the sail, the TURBO promotes an upright stance which translates into a rig that is easier to sail faster.

The TURBO is designed to be the fastest and most comfortable Twin Cam sail ever. It uses our homogenous batten concept. The smaller sizes (6.0 – 7.0) feature 6 battens keeping the handling light and the swing weight low. The larger sizes (7.5 - 9.2) feature 7 battens for foil stability with the increased size.




2013 Severne Turbo specs








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