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2013 Freerace Boards

Feb 28, 2013

If you love blasting past your buddies more then anything else then FREERACE is your category. But why do some brands have two boards in this single group? It all comes down to balancing speed and ease-of-use. All of these boards are easier to sail then any slalom shapes and will allow you to set your fastest GPS times as you'll feel more comfortable. Just some are that much easier to handle then others.



2013 Exocet S-crossExocet S-cross

Another all new shape for 2012, offered in two constructions, the S-CROSS line replaces the STING. The S-CROSS line offers a very different ride to that of the Sting, due to it's narrower tail and nose design. This new shape gives the boards a smooth ride while also enabling them to turn effortlessly in any conditions. Top speed and early planing is also excellent with the reduced rockerline of the board, making it easier for freerider's of all levels.

The Pro-model board is offered with an exclusive Bamboo deck and is extremely light for a board in this class.


  • DDSA: Double Density Shock Absorber
  • E.U.R: Exocet Unique Ride
  • QC: Quality Construction


2013 Exocet S-cross specs 

2013 Exocet SL Sport 

Exocet SL Sport

The SL SPORT line will give you access to top performance at a reasonable budget. Based on the proven shapes and designs of the former Warp SL, the SL Sport is the ideal board for fast free ride as well as high speed blazing in total control.

The tucked under rails and built in shock absorbers makes the board extremely forgiving and comfortable in all conditions. Explore and enjoy the instant taste of high performance, on a board that can truly be referred to as a FREERACE board.


  • DDSA: Double Density Shock Absorber
  • E.U.R: Exocet Unique Ride


2013 Exocet SL Sport specs



2013 Fanatic HawkFanatic Hawk

This pedigree predator’s redefined the Freeride category and wowed testers worldwide. With all new 97, 111, and 125 sizes for 2013, the Hawks are derived from our best Freestyle and Slalom shapes, for a unique blend of jibing heaven, early planing, top-end speed and sporting style. Refined fast rocker lines with tuned tail release – most noticeably on the 97 – on wider compact shapes with thin, tucked-under edges make for perfect allrounders that will never catch rails in any carving or sliding moves. This season we have also moved the fin boxes forward for extra control and turning ability. The super comfy deck doming in the tail and strap areas and recessed deck guarantee you are always in control in flat water, swell or chop. Select 97, 111, 125 or 135 sizes (all Power Box) in either eco-friendly and durable Bamboo Sandwich Light or ultra-stiff, lightweight and impact-resistant Carbon Innegra/Basalt Sandwich Light LTD construction.

‣ One-length concept compact shapes with wide center points
and round noses for balance, early-planing and smooth carves (Hawk Bamboo and LTD 111,125,135)
‣ Innegra replaces Kevlar for ultra-stiff, impact resistant and light layup using less wetted resin for ecological sensitivity
‣ Thin, tucked rails for ultimate carving pleasure
‣ Double concave nose entry section runs to Power V bottom, tuned tail kick and 75° pintail for comfort and control in chop and turns

2013 Fanatic Hawk specs



2013 Fanatic Ray Fanatic Ray

The Biax Glass Sandwich Ray offers an affordable route to ride the ultimate PWA Slalom Racing shapes. Identical to the lighter and stiffer Falcons, the Rays bring comfort and elite level speed together in one smoking package. The Compact Design Concept (CDC) outline’s slight double concaves flow into light V in the tail for a neutral, easy-to-sail feeling when the going gets rough and give excellent early-planing power. A balanced volume flow with straight rear outline between the straps delivers extra control, added low-end support and a more comfortable stance over longer and more intense reaches. The mast base recess guarantees rig stability and thin CAD-engineered rails in the font section work with nose V to cut through chop and enhance jibing ability. Available in 102, 112 and 122 sizes in identical dimensions to the 2013 Falcon Range there’s never been a better chance to ride race-proven shapes with such great value. All models with Tuttle head fins.

‣ Tail cut-outs and drawn pintail for full release, drag reduction and easy jibing
‣ Straighter outlines and volume distribution for comfort and control
‣ New scoop rocker line with shorter flat section and higher entry point
‣ Release kick slight tail rocker for extra efficiency and speed
‣ Comfort heel rail tucked-under edges for easy use underfoot

2013 Fanatic Ray specs


JP-Australia Super Lightwind

2013 JP-Australia Super LightwindTECHNOLOGY:

GOLD – Gold Edition in ultra light Textreme Technology featuring a new “race deck” and a carbon mast track – 90V154,92V165
PRO – PRO Edition Technology featuring the “race deck” – 90V154,92V165
FWS – Full Wood Sandwich Technology featuring the “race deck” – 92V165


Planing is what makes windsurfing so fascinating. We all have been sitting on the beach thinking – there is wind but it’s just not enough to get planing? Here is our solution.

The Super Lightwinds start planing as early as Formula boards – when there are no white caps in sight.  Contrary to Formula boards it is much easier to get in and out the straps. Jibing the Super Lightwinds is also a pleasure compared to any Formula board.

The 90 is basically a bigger brother of the sporty Super Sports aiming at advanced riders.  The 92 is the bigger sibling of the comfortable, but still performance oriented X-Cite Ride. It has additional, further inboard footstrap plugs and works also great for less advanced riders as it gets planing super early even with a passive sailing style. Both are made to have fun in really light winds.


To get the boards easily planing without the special technique of Formula sailors we made them substantially longer than Formula boards. This also makes the boards more stable in non-planing conditions.

The scoop rocker lines come from our big Slalom boards since they are also developed for high speed runs. As they are not quite as wide as a formula board (100 cm) we managed to achieve big handling advantages.

The rail shape in combination with the race deck allows the rider a very comfortable sailing stance. The strap positions come from the Super Sport (SLW90) respectively from the X-Cite Ride (SLW 92) boards.

They jibe easy and stay on the plane through the turn. We achieved this rather unusual characteristic for such wide boards by using a new Vee flow concept. More V in the mid section of the board where it is wide, makes it easier to rail the board up and initiate the turn.

Towards the tail we reduced the Vee to guarantee maximum control on high speed runs. We also used big tail cut-outs for better release and a looser feel of the boards. The board shapes in combination with the 56cm molded Carbon fin make them real pleasure boards for reaching.


They will get you planing in minimal winds and deliver an unknown combination of totally relaxed blasting and an electric sensation of speed. Those sitting on the beach will be jealous. Sheet in and go.

2013 JP-Australia Super Lightwind specs 


JP-Australia Super Sport

2013 JP-Australia Super SportTECHNOLOGY:

GOLD – Gold Edition in ultra light Textreme Technology featuring a new “race deck” – 124
PRO – PRO Edition Technology featuring a new “race deck” – 100,112,124,136
FWS – Full Wood Sandwich Technology featuring a new “race deck” – 100,112,124,136


The Super Sport boards always delivered Slalom-like performance but they were much easier to ride. That’s why they received great feedback and won lots of tests over the last few years.

The new line consists of 4 new shapes combining shape features from the X-Cite Ride and Slalom board ranges to obtain the best of both worlds:
To make them really fast, shaper Werner Gnigler used his detailed knowledge and experience from the latest slalom board development while the influence of his X-Cite Ride shapes grants that the power of the new Super Sports is accessible not only for World Cup professionals.


The overall length was reduced giving the boards a livelier feel.
The boards still feature a very balanced volume distribution – an all essential feature to plane early and effortless.

Werner designed a new generation of race deck. The key factor of this feature is the raised deck in the foot strap area.
The previous version worked great when riding in the straps but when moving on the board and in some jibing situations the uneven deck was not always ideal.
The new version features this raised area but now has a rounder and constant deck curve in the strap area: The stance is comfortable and you’ll stay connected to the board at all times.
The bottom is equipped with a double concave V in the front flowing into a flat V towards the tail, ending with slightly bigger cut-outs than on the boards from last season.

The concaves work like suspension when the board hits chop. The flat V supported by the tail cut-outs have the best and most efficient water release resulting in top speed on every course.
Additionally, the cut-outs take some pressure off the tail and support the rider by keeping the board flat on the water in the strongest gusts.
No need to strive for control – it is there!

The outline is kept rather parallel especially at the rear of the board resulting in a powerful stance with even pressure on both feet.
Towards the front, the full rail radius creates buoyancy when not planing and balanced lift during carving maneuvers in which the board guides through the jibe on its rail.


The new Super Sports are faster than their predecessors.

It is easier to exploit their full performance potential. Standing relaxed on board, you can transfer all the sail power into the hull to accelerate more and more. It’s simple to stay in control when blasting back and forth as well as in the high speed carving jibes.
Boards that are real fun and real fast.

2013 JP-Australia Super Sport specs



2013 Mistral EnergyMistral Energy

The energy board is designed to plane early, be fast on the water and have great stability in the jibes. We achieved this with a fairly parallel outline and a straight rocker line that follows the lines from the slalom boards. The V is accelerated towards the tail to make the board lively off the back foot and also help accelerate in the gusts. The rails have plenty of tuck under to ensure a soft ride in the water and also help you come out of jibes planing. The boards have a high-end construction featuring a glass-carbon-reinforced PVC sandwich. Delivered with Maui Ultra Fins “ride” fin.



Energy 132:
Volume (l): 132
Lenght (cm): 244
Width (cm): 75
Carbon/glass reinforced
Rec.sail size: 5,5 - 8,0 sqm
Fin: 40 cm
Energy 147:
Volume (l): 147
Lenght (cm): 248
Width (cm): 80
Carbon/glass reinforced
Rec.sail size: 6,0 - 9,0 sqm
Fin: 45 cm




2013 Mistral ScreamerMistral Screamer

Our ultimate fun ride for you who are looking for fast flat water free ride boards.

The Screamer is a glass-carbon-reinforced PVC sandwich and has the foot strap positions set a bit more inboard, to make it easier to get into them after the jibe. It is a fantastic free-ride/free move board for going fast, with control. The jibe with the Screamer is unreal due to the mix of tuck-under rails, parallel outlines and rocker lines.

It is the perfect choice for those who sail in flat to choppy conditions and want to have an easy fun day on the water and don’t need to go all the way to a slalom board to enjoy a great day.

Screamer 78:
Volume (l): 78
Lenght (cm): 238
Width (cm): 54
Carbon/glass sandwich
Rec.sail size: 4,5 - 6,5 sqm
Fin: no fin
 Screamer 95:
Volume (l): 95
Lenght (cm): 238
Width (cm): 54
Carbon/glass sandwich
Rec.sail size: 5,0 - 7,0 sqm
Fin: no fin
Screamer 110:
Volume (l): 110
Lenght (cm): 240
Width (cm): 67
Carbon/glass sandwich
Rec.sail size: 5,5 - 7,8 sqm
Fin: no fin
 Screamer 123:
Volume (l): 123
Lenght (cm): 238
Width (cm): 75
Carbon/glass sandwich
Rec.sail size: 6,0 - 8,5 sqm
Fin: no fin
 Screamer 140:
Volume (l): 140
Lenght (cm): 238
Width (cm): 85
Carbon/glass sandwich
Rec.sail size: 6,4 - 10,0 sqm
Fin: no fin


2013 Starboard FuturaStarboard Futura

The Futuras are Starboard's freerace boards. Freerace boards are designed to go extremely fast, like slalom boards, but with more user-friendliness and more comfort. They are the sports cars of windsurfing

When it was first introduced in 2008, Starboard's Futuras revolutionary design redefined the freerace category.

2013 offers six sizes and two technology options, all of them with the new cut-away shapes designed to release more top-end speed and squeeze even more acceleration from a gust.

What's new

The all new 2013 Futuras again feature strong iSonic DNA ; in each 2013 Futura the ride, top end speed and control have all been improved by the new tail cutaway design taken directly from iSonic development. A more open cutaway ensures cleaner wake turbulence and lower drag; more top end speed. The enhanced trim results in a more free riding design with reduced chop impact underfoot; real world performance updates.

New WOOD X construction : New and exclusive for Futura and Carve in 2013; an improved construction offering lighter weight and crisper ride through increased use of PVC foam sandwich construction, delivering a more exciting, responsive ride while retaining compelling product value.

In 2012 we introduced the radically thin Futura range; in 2013 we improved the impossible with new Freerace benchmarks of high speed comfort and control.

Key Features

  • Wider outlines for low speed stability
  • 15% thinner profiles compared to conventional boards
  • Very deep deck-concaves improve control and lower the boards’ CG further
  • Multiple insert positions include inboard and outboard options
  • Domed decks and multiple insert positions allow Futuras to be tuned for accessibility or maximum performance
  • Short wide noses improve aerodynamic efficiency, reduces swing weight
  • Short wide noses improve aerodynamic efficiency, reduces swing weight
  • New cut-away tail shapes

Additional Information

To make the most out of the Futuras, we strongly recommend each Futura to be used with three fins: one for larger sails, one for medium-sized sails and one for maxed-out conditions. The supplied fin is the ideal middle fin, so the other two fins should be 2-3cm larger and smaller than the supplied fin. Tapping into this extra wide wind range will be a revelation for its owner since most windsurfers don’t realize just how wide the wind range can be thanks to this little tuning tip.

With its deep deck concave, we also recommend the rider’s boom to be placed 2cm higher than usual.

2013 Starboard Futura specs


Starboard Ultrasonic

2013 Starboard UltrasonicThe UltraSonic is Starboard's lightwind specialist

In the iSonic family, it is designed to bring high levels of light-wind performance to the masses. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s really fun.

The 2013 UltraSonic is a new design, featuring the latest iSonic technology: new cutaway designs, heel extensions and a new, improved rockerline.

Ultra planing:

With a width that stretches beyond the PWA’s official limit, the UltraSonic is more efficient at creating planing lift, releasing itself from the water in the lightest of breezes to become the world’s earliest-planing and easiest slalom board.

Unlike Formula boards that are designed to go upwind and downwind, the UltraSonic is comfortable reaching in and out at maximum speeds. The UltraSonic design starts from the iSonic base and adds some extra width and loses more thickness.

The nose of the UltraSonic is then lengthened to make the board smoother to get planing. Tacking, jibing and getting going becomes easier, more stable and more accessible.

The rail shapes under the footstraps are more comfortable and less boxy than the iSonics. This makes the board more comfortable, the straps are easier to get into and there is less burning-power in your back-thigh when fully powered.

Harder rail edges in the tail increases top speed, enables quicker acceleration in gusts, improves earlier planing and improves the board’s ability to maintain top speed in lulls.

Very Deep Deck Concaves maximizes control by having the pivot point between sail and board kept low. The centre of gravity of the board is also lowered further to minimize undesired swing weight. The very deep deck concave also break the aerodynamic suction effect that often lifts the nose out of control in high winds.

Last but not least, the gap between the sail and deck is eliminated and the mast track can be moved back to improve top end speed without compromising control.

What's new

New cutaway shapes combined with ‘side’ cut outs and heel extension. This new planing surface shape has reduced wetted area for the same lift, which makes it more efficient. The fin gains more traction and the rider will feel like the board locks more on to its fin.

Most importantly, the width of the tail at the ‘one-foot-off’ remains the same: the board will maintain its ability to provide power, anti-roll stability through chop and acceleration out of a jibe.

Heel extensions allow the back foot to apply a positive pressure on the rail. Without the heel extension, the new side cut away shapes would have created a slippery angle of the rail and your back foot would fail to provide constant power.

New rockerline: due to the changes to the wetted surface area, the rockerline has been adjusted to match.

All in all, the new UltraSonic feels sharper, accelerates quicker and flies faster than ever.

  • Extra long nose makes the board easier to get on to the plane, easier to tack, jibe and uphaul.
  • Very deep deck concave increases high-wind control
  • Extra-wide design makes the board very stable at low speeds and plane extremely early.
  • Heavily curved tail outline reduces tail width to create maximum reaching speed without the burning-thighs syndrome.
  • New side cut away with heel extensions
  • New rockerline
  • Ultra efficient planing hull design directly drawn from the iSonics
  • New cut away shapes for even more efficiency

Construction: Available in Wood and Carbon construction

2013 Starboard Ultrasonic specs


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