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2012 Buyers' Guide: 4-Batten Wave Sails

Jan 7, 2012

For 2012 will be posting individual Buyers' Guides for each category of board and sail to help you find the best board for you. We are putting each category together in one place that includes info from the manufacturers along with videos and advice to get you started. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to either 'post a comment' at the bottom of the article or e-mail it to us at —Pete DeKay, editor

One of the biggest and most exciting trends going on today in sail design is a move towards 4-batten wave sails. Naish has been doing the Boxer for years and a few others joined them a couple years ago...but now, as you can see below, a ton of manufacturers are onboard. We decided to give these designs there own category because they are sure to make a mark on the windsurfing marketplace in 2012!

Why Four?

Light is right: Dropping a batten can save significant weight in the sail.

Quad Power: Some brands define their 4-batten design as their match to a Quad fin waveboard. This is the case for the ones with a draft further back, which helps to drive the four small fins.

Wave and Freestyle: Just like with the 5-batten wave sails, many of these 4-batten designs are being grabbed by freestylers to help maneuver through all the technical new aerial tricks.

Link to one of the other comparable wavesail Buyers' Guides for 2012 by clicking the image below:

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2012 Goya Banzai


The biggest news however is of course the birth of the BANZAI, our first four batten wave model. The 2012 Banzai is a low-end focused, power wave and maneuver sail, with quick and constant power delivery. The reduced batten count and super light scrim materials throughout, make the construction utmost light. Stability is achieved through the unique Carbon Fiber Stretch Control System that supports the entire sail body, and the large monofilm window offers incredible visibility. Find out more about the Banzai on its product page.

The all new Four Batten BANZAI is a low-end focused, power wave and maneuver sail, with quick and constant power delivery. The reduced batten count and super light scrim materials throughout, make the construction utmost light.

Stability is achieved through the unique Carbon Fiber Stretch Control System that supports the entire sail body, and the large monofilm window offers incredible visibility.

The BANZAI’s low end range is massive because of it’s power profile, lightness and responsiveness. When paired with a modern high volume board, the BANZAI will allow you to use a smaller size sail than before. For example an average size guy on a Custom Quad 84 can use a 4.6 BANZAI when normally riding a 5.0 GURU or ECLIPSE.

The BANZAI concept is all about generating as much lift as possible in a smaller sail size. Because of the tight leech and central draft profile, the BANZAI provides extremely quick planing, plus quick and responsive handling in maneuvers. Super quick rake and sheet angle adjustments are effortless on this sail.

The huge monofilm window provides incredible visibility through the sail allowing you to anticipate your path through the water ahead.

2012 Goya Banzai specs


2012 Hot Sails Maui BoltHOT SAILS MAUI BOLT

The new Bolt is lighter and more control-lable yet still has it's explosive dynamic per-formance.

A new panel layout with a new shaping system delivers a steady and con-trollable sail that is very clean and wrinkle free. It re-arranges the materials to be more effective resulting in a sail that feels much lighter than the actual weight savings.

The all X-ply construction is very rugged and en-sures great durability. The shortened boom relieves tension from the leech and helps promote the very dynamic quality of this sail. The larger sizes see increased power and ac-celeration while the smaller sizes have in-creased control.

This sail has unlimited freedom to move.


This new Bolt has POP. Plenty of Pop. It will shoot you vertical when you backwind the sail into you next upwind maneuver. Get ready for some good action.

Our straight foot design not only allows extra room for throwing the sail around your body, but it is completely padded with our lightweight EVA skid pad. This is layered over the flexible Dacron edge panel, so when you wedge the foot of the sail against your raw skin, there will be no rashes, no cuts, and only more spring into your next wild move.

The new shape allows a smoother transition from side to side which makes for great fluidity, but also makes this an amazing wave sail. (Just don't tell anyone!)


2012 Hot Sails Maui Bolt specs



2012 Hot Sails Maui DDHOT SAILS MAUI DD

The DD is a refined version of the immensely popular and groundbreaking Diva sail. The design concept has been tuned to even better suit lightweight sailors of all abilities.

Refinements in the shaping have produced a sail with even better control and handling. Weight is everything for the smaller sailor and the DD has been made as light as possible by utilizing four battens and lightweight materials.

Graduated construction ensures the sail is tough where it needs to be and extra light where it does not featuring X-ply and Heavy Duty Dacron in the foot area for extra strength and SX166 Ultra light X-ply and Dynamic Dacron in the leech for minimum weight.

The DD is optimized for smaller sailors with a lowered center of effort and boom cutout. A RDM mast is strongly recommended.


The DD is designed so the small sizes feel as balanced and comfortable as the "normal" sizes. This means that even the smallest sail is smooth and predictable in any wind condition.

The large center window is easy to see through, and is protected all the way around by strong materials. This ensures you see everything coming your way and helps you enter gybes with confidence. Rigging is very easy with our exclusive OX HIDE webbing sleeve. The mast slides up to the top of the sail without hitting bumps and can be inserted all the way to the top of the sail without "scrunching" the mast in place.


2012 Hot Sails Maui DD specs


2012 Loft WavescapeLOFT WAVESCAPE

The 2012 Wavescape is The Loft’s all-new 4-batten multi-discipline design.  Freemove, freestyle & freeride- all under Wavescape attack. 
The Wavescape sports an extremely light & powerful feeling- the result of its four batten design, weight-conscious construction and curve schedules refined over years of development.

The Loft’s exclusive integrated panel concept drives longevity into the Wavescape.  Loft batten sections & taper schedules extend the Wavescape upper end.
Its simplicity makes the Wavescape highly suitable for beginners and intermediate windsurfers. 

As a freemove design the Wavescape shines.

In the hands of a freestyler, the Wavescape is volatile- an explosion of freestyle expression!

Watch the Loft Wavescape in action in the first 1:14 of the following video...

2012 Loft Wavescape specs

2012 Naish Boxer 


Target: Specialist wave sailors seeking real-world versatility and range. The sail of choice by new-school riders Kai Lenny and Julien Taboulet.

Designed with a radically low aspect-ratio outline and unique internal shaping, the Boxer delivers reduced swing weight for incredibly easy handling and balanced power. Due to its extremely short luff length, the Boxer is the ultimate sail for today's extreme aerial maneuvers.




2012 Naish Boxer specs


2012 North HeroAlready the first tests had shown that we were at the beginning of a revolution. No matter who got the brand new HERO 4 batten wave sail in his hands, no one wanted to give it back. The HERO is adjusted towards Marcilio Browne who does not want to sail with any other sail anymore - it just fits perfectly to his sailing style and the new multi-fin wave boards!

Almost everything is different: The HERO is the impressive production of an ultra modern 4 batten wave sail, which is repleted with the finest components and technical know-how. Regardless of under- or properly powered up, too much pressure or too little, this sail always generates power without becoming unstable. Despite a further draft back position it doesn’t become back handy, even when overpowered. This let’s you imagine, how much the wind range has improved compared to previous 4 batten sails! The low weight makes for an increadible handling. While rigging you can already imagine how light and soft the sail feels. The rotation is smooth as silk, even with minimal outhaul tension.On the water it immediately appears that your back hand is the throttle. Just sheet in and the HERO immediately builds up power, speeds up, and gets you going. On the wave it becomes a discreet engine always ready to accelerate when needed. The top is working very effective supporting the power. Therefore, you can safely choose a sail size smaller than with many other wave sails. This applies to almost any rider, regardless of weight.Kai Hopf developed the BALANCED.LUFF.LENGTH, a precisely balanced ratio of luff length to boom length. As short as possible for most radical throw-ability and as long as necessary to generate sufficient stability for maximum wind range.

Design, processing, shape and features as the new iBUMPER mast protector make the radical HERO a perfect package that can measure up to the future in the competition must.

IMPORTANT: the HERO is exclusively designed for RDM masts due to its narrow sleeve and elastic characteristics. The smaller mast diameter perfectly matches this softer feeling sail and shorter luff.


NEW: Radical 4 batten wave sail with lots of power and yet extremely wide wind range
  2. NEW: iBUMPER, the most modern and most effective protector of a piece mast
BALANCED.LUFF.LENGTH as short as possible for most radical throw-ability and as long as necessary for maximum wind range.
  4. TWIN.TRIM.CLEW allows for individual tuning increasing the range of use
  5. FIVE-Year Warranty

 Brawzinho in action on the North HERO:

2012 North Hero specs


2012 NeilPryde Fly2NEIL PRYDE FLY 2

The Fly2 is a light and soft wave sail perfectly suited to down-the-line wave sailors.  With a compact outline and a four-batten layout it provides great drive and stability with no excessive pressure on the back hand, giving the rider smooth control during manoeuvres. The Fly2 is the ideal sail for multi-fin boards.

Key Features:

OUR BATTEN LAYOUT: for light weight and quick on/off power.
MODERATE TO FLAT PROFILE: allowing the sail to go to neutral easily when needed.
THE LOWEST ASPECT RATIO in the NeilPryde wave sail lineup: keeping the power low down in the sail where it can be controlled easily.
BOTTOM ORIENTED LUFF-CURVE: holding the draft forward and low in the sail for optimum control during manoeuvres.

What's New?

Sporting a redesigned luff curve, The Fly2 is more neutral and stable than in previous years. With the power forward and low down, the sail can be controlled and the power turned on and off easily depending on rider input. High outhaul tension in the sail through the bottom-oriented luff curve further helps to stabilise the profile of the sail.

"Down the line wave sailing in side shore conditions is the best thing to do on any day. The 2012 Fly2 allows me to push the limits in those conditions. They really go hand in hand."--Jason Polakow

"The changes in the 2012 Fly2 are very noticeable, it took me some time to benefit from them. Once I got dialed in my sailing level went up a notch, especially in the side shore conditions where the change is most noticeable. Never have I been able to come off the top of a wave with such control."--Kauli Seadi

2012 NeilPryde Fly2 specs



2012 RRD the FourRRD the FOUR

 A completely new addition to our wave sails line. The need of a lighter, softer and more forgiving type of wave sails was clear, and we made it happen. In the beginning we were afraid of having a sail that would be hard to handle in overpowered conditions, but after extensive testing and various modifications on the shaping points we have been able to achieve an easy to trim sail that holds lots of wind and remains in balance.The advantages of having 4 battens are clear: a soft ersail that keeps a lower center of gravity and allows you make rotating jumps faster and in control. The longer boom of the Four will allow you to use your back hand on the boom as a throttle of your motorbike!

Features: The longer boom and shorter luff are the base features on this new wave sail. The whole x-ply body and a monofilm top and window with a transition of lighter x-ply make it possible to keep a great sail strength and have lots of savings on the weight. The heavy cutout leech over the boom allow to create a very constant, progressive twist , helping the whole shape of the sail to be kept in place during the most extreme gusts. Two minibattens placed over on the top panel allow to prevent fluttering and keeping head shape stability.  

2012 RRD the Four specs


 2012 Severne SWAT


Light, manoeuvrable and compact four batten wave sail. The SWAT has been redesigned with a softer more forward pulling feel and significant weight loss. This compact geometry creates a light, manoeuvrable and forgiving sail with added down force. For riders who want simplicity, durability, features and performance in a price point package.

Product Ideology:
• 4 batten wave sail - reduced weight and compact
• High Value
• Unsurpassed durability

2012 Severne SWAT specs

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