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We Interview Corpus Christi's Enes Yilmazer

May 19, 2010

Author: Pete DeKay

How is the racing in Korea going and what gear are you using?

Its been great here. I'm currently 12th overall and it looks like I'll be able to finish around there. So far my worst result is 18.5 without discard, so even though we have more races, I'm still in really good position. My sails are NeilPryde and there range is really big. Here in Korea the gusts can be so brutal and you need a sails that can handle it, and my NeilPryde does a great job with the high range ability. My gear is 2010 JP Slalom 76 and 65. I used the 76 with an 8.6-metre and 46 cm fin and 7.8-metre with 44 cm fin. On the 65 I put 7.8-metre with 40 cm fin and so far it looks like I have no problem with speed. I think with the 8.6 gear I'm going really fast... and maybe I'll try to push my chances of top three on the losers final or even maybe the final.

What is it like to travel all the way to Korea to race?

Its a really hard and tiring process coming from Corpus Christi to Korea. After I packed two board bags, three sail bags and one gear bag, I drove 8 hours to Dallas airport first. Then, after five hours of waiting, I flew straight from Dallas to Seoul, Korea. Its a 16 hour flight, then once there, I take a bus and went to a domestic airport to fly to Ulsan. I wanna say it takes at least two days to get here but you know, its worth it! Thats our passion and thats what we love.

Nice t-shirt worn by  Enes YilmazerHow is the food in Korea (compared to Texas)?

Man, I'm a big fan of Texas food. Steaks, corn, bbq and etc. is all my favorite, but here its all about rice and fish. I don't wanna say its really bad but I would definitely prefer Texas food without a doubt. Plates are small, rice every day and they are not really fan of meat, which I love.

Describe your best race so far?

I think my best race is the second semi final that makes you qualify for top 16. I had a really bad start. Maybe I started 6th or 7th but I went a bit upwind and got clear wind on the first reach. I managed to pass two people on the first reach but the problem was I was way to the outside to make a good jibe. All the 5th, 6th and 7th guys got inside of me on the jibe. But it was the turning point of the race there, which was a big jibe and then I got planing earlier and started to go upwind. Since all the other racers made tight jibes, they all slowed down and stopped planing (compared to me). I came out with full speed and on the second reach I passed all of them, including Ross Williams, and got to the 4th position. Ross was right behind me  the whole race. I could hear his board all the time! I held my 4th position all the race and on the last jibe, because of rough wind and choppy conditions, Ross and I fell down at the same time on the jibe. We got up at the same time so it was almost a photo finish... but lucky I managed to finish 4th and go to the next round.

What are your goals for this season?

Definitely top 15 on PWA. I want all my result around the top 15 or close to that. Hopefully I can win all the National events and get on some formula events in the US... we'll see what happens!


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