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What does the future hold for Graham Ezzy?

Feb 2, 2011

Author: Kevin Pritchard (

Kevin Pritchard tracks down his new teammate Graham Ezzy to find out what's up!

First of all tells us what you have been up to? I have heard that you have been to Japan, what were you doing there?
Other than school, I’ve been doing a lot of filming. I was with umi on Maui in November, and I just got back from another trip with umi to Japan. We were filming for a webclip.

How were the conditions?
The conditions in Japan were crazy. The wind was strong enough for me to be on a 4.0 and the waves were all over the place, but the temperature was the most intense part; it was less than 3 degrees C. On one day it was even snowing! I didn’t have boots or gloves, so my feet and hands went numb. But all in all, it was really fun riding. We got some fun culture/lifestyle shots too.

Examine Graham's GoiterWhat else have you been up to?
I’m in my final semester at Princeton where I’m studying English Literature. I graduate in May, but before then, I have a ton of work plus a thesis to complete. So, it will be pretty hectic until then!

How is school going for you?
School is going well. I love to be in the middle of so many different ideas. And everyone is really motivated and intellectually interesting. I love the rigor of the thinking too. But that said, I’m ready to be done and dedicate myself full time to windsurfing.

Graham off the lip!How is it to balance school and windsurfing?
Ah, the balance! That is tricky. Basically I’m always at risk of falling behind in either school or windsurfing. So, my life becomes a mad juggling act of trying to do both. I’ll go to Maui to windsurf for two weeks, and then I have to work like crazy to catch up.

Are you ready to be done?

What are your plans after graduating?
I will be a full time windsurfing pro. I’ve never in my life dedicated an extended period of time to windsurfing, so this will be the first time that I can train like a real athlete and hopefully realize my potential. Also, I will work on my writing while traveling for windsurfing.

Are you going to fully focus on the tour or what do you want to do?
I am going to do the full American Wave Tour. The spots focus on waveriding rather than freestyle+jumping, and that is more my kind of riding. I’m excited to sail in contests closer to home. I hope that this new tour will inspire more Americans to get involved with windsurfing.

Do you want to start working with your Dads company?
Yes. I want to help grow my dad’s legacy by working with Ezzy Sails.
David Ezzy RIPS!
This is really what you find at the end of a rainbow.Do you enjoy developing sails?
I enjoy knowing about how my equipment works and how to make it better, so I always get my dad to explain how a sail functions. And I test them too. Basically, I just love windsurfing.


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