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December 21, 2011 at 03:59 PM
By: Pete Fontaine
» you are a great writer for a young kid.
August 13, 2011 at 12:15 AM
By: PIerre Armand
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November 18, 2010 at 07:50 PM
By: Rotorhead
» Congrats
May 16, 2010 at 12:14 PM
By: Pete
An Equally Best Day Ever!

"When we got to Mama’s, Michi Schweiger and Dave Wissink were making it look epic!"

This morning we went to Kuau for a dawn patrol paddle session.  After yesterday we weren’t going to pass up a minute of this swell!  So we got down to the beach and paddled out!  As soon as we got out the waves picked up and started pumping in!  My Dad and I quickly got in the right spot and start catching sick waves!  It was shouldering perfectly and before long it was becoming another best day ever... is that possible? 

Anyways, after about an hour we saw Michi Schweiger and Dave Wissink paddle up to Mama’s which is a break a little farther down from Lanes, which is a little farther down from Hookipa.  It was already getting crowded with surfers so we thought it was a good idea to go with Michi and Dave and stay out of the surfers hair!  When we got to Mama’s, Michi and Dave were making it look epic!  It was head high and the wave had good punch!  It was a really great wave for hacking the lip and working the shoulder!  What was even better was the fact that when we got done with our sesh the wind was picking up! 

And a few hours later we were back at the beach and it was windy! The waves had picked up to logo high just like yesterday, I broke the sound barrier while rigging and immediately went out and caught a wave!  The wind was light again so it was totally glassy on the inside!  I went down the line and rolled into my bottom turn, dipping the sail down I felt a huge surge from under my feet when the board suddenly cranked up the wave!  Just as quickly as I dipped the sail I brought it back up again to hit the lip.  I kept driving the board into the face when, SMACK, I hit the wave right under the lip! I shot straight back down the wave and immediately went into another turn, and another turn, and another turn until I was dead tired and had to go in at the end of the day!

Posted: July 13, 2010 at 10:26 AM
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The Best Day Ever!

"I got a wave with Elena Pompei and she went straight under the lip..."

Today was the best day ever! I don’t even know where to begin. (My Dad suggests the beginning)...

Ok fine, I woke up this morning and played Halo until my folks woke up.  Then we made some nuts pancakes that I inhaled!  But thats just peanuts, or pancakes, what was really sick is how epic the waves were today! We drove down to Hookipa and the waves were firing! Its the middle of the summer and the waves were like head high... unbelievable! I went out and the wind was a bit light but the waves were sick. It was so glassy on the inside that I thought it was winter! Then it really turned into winter when the wind died. I sat on the beach totally bummed, but then I had the idea to get my stand-up board out! The paddling was as good as the windsurfing! I even pulled into a barrel, after which I then crashed and burned, but that’s not important!

Next, as soon as it died, the wind picked up again!  So it was back to the beach for the windsurf gear! By this time the waves had picked up to logo high! I got a wave with Elena Pompei and she went straight under the lip for a sick hit right as I hit an air almost over her! That whole session was full of that epic stuff! 

But then the wind fell again and it was back in to get my SUP!  After a few waves I was getting really tried. I mean I can’t even convey how long I’ve been out on the water, partly because I didn’t look at my watch! But then Mickey Eskimo paddled out and I had to stay out with him for a sesh! Good decision, as time went on the waves got even better! All of a sudden the set of the day came through and I was in perfect position for it! I thought about paddling out but I had to keep my pants on and wait! Then when the wave came I spun on a dime and paddled as hard as I could! I took off pretty steep and had to practically sit on the tail to keep from pearling! Then I made my first turn and whipped straight to the top, BANG!  I smacked the lip and then kicked out for more! The whole day was the bomb and I could for sure get used to this!

Posted: July 12, 2010 at 10:07 AM
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Connecting Glides

"...because he is like 85% heavier than I am, no offense..."

For the last few days I’ve been doing downwinders with Michi Schweiger.  He’s a really fast paddler and he totally smokes me! The most infuriating thing is that, as he quickly pulls away from me, he hardly paddles! 

     On the last downwinder we did, he told me that my strength to weight ratio was solid, which I suppose isn’t hard for me since I only weigh 100 pounds...  But anyways, he said that my paddling was strong and that he even had a hard time keeping up in flat water!  This was because he is like 85% heavier than I am, no offense Michi; but not 85% stronger.  I always knew I had a little gorilla in me. (My Dad says that the only gorilla I have in me is gorilla butt!)  He said the reason why he was so much faster than me was because he could connect his glides.  This happens when you use the swell that you’re currently on to propel you to the next swell and so on.  So today I did a downwinder by myself to practice connecting glides.

     As soon as I got into open waters I focused not on looking at the nose of my board and paddling as hard as I could but looking around me for the next route to a better glide.  I also found that when I connected glides I didn’t have to paddle constantly, instead I just paddled hard when I need to get over to another swell and took breaks when no paddling was needed.  By the end of the run I was connecting glides like a maniac! 

     Not only is connecting glides faster, it also takes less energy!  So when I got to the inside near the beach where I would land, I was able to use the same gorilla strength I had before!  With my new found skittles, I can’t wait to do a downwinder with Michi again!

Posted: July 7, 2010 at 11:48 PM
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The last three days I’ve slalom, freestyle, and wave sailed.  It really goes to show how much variety there is in windsurfing!

     This Thursday was cranking windy!  Some racers had put buoys in the water so I figured it would be a good time to practice some slalom!  I went out on 4.6 and at first it seemed like a big mistake!  I was so overpowered that I could barely jibe!  But then something clicked and I stopped resisting the wind.  That’s when I started flying!  As soon as I let the wind take me, my board stayed level, rather than tail walking all over the place, and I sailed way faster!  The feeling of going fast on a windsurfer is like no other.  And you don’t have to gas station hop to do it!

     Then, on Friday there weren’t any buoys out so it was a better call to go freestyle.  I sailed up to a small cove where the water was smooth.  Every time I tried a move it didn’t matter if I fell or not.  The water felt more welcoming than anything else!  I guess that’s easy to say when the water temp here is like a billion degrees!  But either way, it was really fun and it was more like a day at the beach rather than a training session!

     Finally, today there was some small wind swell at Hookipa so we decided to head down and hopefully score some waves!  When I got down there the wind was light and I had to rig big!  When I went out I hit a sick delayed forward!  Then I went in for a fun wave ride!  The rest of the day was full of sick hacks and jumps!  What other sport can you do where you can shred waves and boost air at the same time? 

     The truth is that windsurfing is the sickest sport ever!  Its got something for everyone!  Unless you can’t swim... doh!

Posted: July 6, 2010 at 10:45 AM
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The Battle of the Paddle Day One

"At one point I caught a wave with a five-man surf canoe just in front of me on the wave!"

Today [June 14th] I just got back from the Rainbow Sandals, Gerry Lopez, Battle of the Paddle and I wanted to type it down while its fresh in my mind.

     The real event started for me on Friday the 11th. I arrived on Oahu on Thursday with Ed Angulo but we spent the day buying supplies and preparing for the contest. No, the real fun started on Friday when my Dad flew in and we drove down to the event site in Waikiki! There were already people working on countless booths where businesses could showcase their products! After helping Ed load his things into his booth we went out and surfed! Now, anyone who has ever been to Maui knows that the south swells there are not even worth your time unless the planets are aligned! But Oahu is TOTALLY different. If there is even the slightest south swell there are head to shoulder high sets rolling in, and luckily for us we had a south swell! There were no contests today so we spent the whole day surfing! There was the slightest off-shore breeze making the wave hold up and wait to be completely shredded! At one point I caught a wave with a five-man surf canoe just in front of me on the wave! I was surfing alongside them the whole time while hooting and hollering whenever possible! Finally I spotted a bowling section that was... well bowling up! I shot straight down the line, dangerously close to the canoe, then I smacked the lip and threw a nice arc of spray into the sunset while staying virtually on top of the surf canoe! The tricky move was returned with a big shout from all of the canoe crew, it’s nice when different riders can come together on the wave and not get agro and salty (and when I can make funny alliterations like “canoe crew”. “New York Times” here I come)!  We surfed until we were dead which would later be known as a mistake but at least for the moment we had the most epic session!

     Later that night we went out to eat for Mark Angulo’s birthday. It was uber-crowded so we waited before we were seated. This was already after we had been standing either on our boards or on the Waikiki beach, now we were dirt tired and we had to stand even more! I don’t think I’ve ever stood so much in my entire life! But we finally got seated after an hour and a half, I know! Anyways, it was a great, and much needed meal and I think Mark loved his birthday so the day ended on a good note! A note that ended with us going off to sleep at midnight and a contest looming like a thunder cloud the next day...

Posted: June 22, 2010 at 11:57 AM
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