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A New Season

"I know its sounds kooky but this is a big deal for me. I have officially left Naish."—Bernd Roediger

This summer was kind of slow and really quiet and muggy air swept through the valley of Maui and created kind of a sluggish mood around the whole island. All of my friends felt the same thing, it happens every year but this year really was a boiling point. Everyday on the water was different, in a sense it was wrong. But it’s starting to change; the first swell has come in for the official start of the wave season. The tempo is picking up and the island seems to be waking up after a long slumber. Now the air is different, more crisp and fresh, there is static in the air. When you walk down the street its colder, when you look at the sky its bluer. The muggy air is gone, replaced with pure energy. Everyone is more excitable now; the first north swell of the season has hit the north shore, our shore. Everyone’s music is a little louder; everyone’s cars are a little cleaner. Maui is becoming a scene again.

   But that is not the only change for me this season, something new is coming around that hasn’t gotten me this excited in years. Because of this change I sail with more energy, I put more power into my sessions, for longer periods of time. I’m constantly flowing with new ideas, like years of pent up energy has suddenly released in a flood of vision! I know its sounds kooky but this is a big deal for me. I have officially left Naish.

   It’s a decision that we have been contemplating for awhile, but it’s not an easy decision for sure. We have always had good experiences on Naish and so it was hard to leave. I think the good thing is that I am coming away with really good feelings about Robby and the team. I’m lucky as a kid to not have the business side of things to really think of, I have only the fun trips and amazing sessions of surfing and windsurfing here at home. But in the end I have ideas to cultivate and directions that I want to follow now that will make me who I am in the future. That for me is why I left Naish; it was simply time to follow a different path.

   It was like this summer’s doldrums, I was just in a stalemate with everything Naish and something had to change. I had so many ideas that seemed to be different than what Naish had. I wanted to just break out and start out on my own again. I wanted to be free and creative like when I started almost eight years ago. Back then I was a seven year old with a wild imagination and sense of determination to do so many cool things in windsurfing. It was time to get back to that.

  So I left Naish. At this point am at a crossroad, with nearly infinite paths to follow. I remain independent; currently I’m testing Goya’s new four-batten Banzai sail. I am open to trying anything and so the excitement is beyond words. Right now I could go in a bazillion different directions with my athletics, its so exciting to have this kind of freedom again. Mark Angulo is shaping me a new windsurf board, it’s the first custom windsurf board I have ever had. He’s also going to make my stand up board, which I think we are both stoked to work together on insane projects in the future. Every time I go on the water it is electrifying, the feeling of being completely free to just sail again, incredible. Off the water I can’t stop drawing sails and boards, I keep doodling just to see if once I can get a graphic I would want on a board. Maybe someday you’ll see me on board with a poorly drawn dragon on the bottom but you know what, it’ll be my poorly drawn dragon and that is what is so exciting!

Posted: September 15, 2011 at 10:40 AM


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