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Japanese Adventure - PART TWO

"There weren’t any other paddlers out but there were hundreds of surfers."—Bernd Roediger

[The good thing was that I slept all day and ate plenty of soup and felt way better by the next day, just in time to]… meet up with Marosan, the head of Naish Japan! From there we drove over to Omaizaki. At night we had bacon wrapped beef, asparagus, and kimchi at Robby Naish’s favorite restaurant that he discovered while on the windsurfing tour! It was really good! But then I accidently had bacon wrapped ginger! It may not seem like a big deal but when I was young my Mom almost killed me by feeding me too much ginger (she thought it was fish) so I hate it. As I bit into it my eyes watered and my nostrils flared! I think I scared Marosan really bad because I never told him I didn’t like ginger and he probably thought I was dying right there! I could just imagine him thinking of how terrible it would be to have to tell my Mom that he killed me on the first 6 hours that we had been together! That’s like pet sitting a dog that has a heart attack as soon as you walk into the front door! Luckily I recovered and started laughing, which gave him the ok.

   The next day I finally got the chance to surf at Omaizaki. The wave there, mostly a left, was a fast pitching beach break that you had to drop-in-and-turn fast in otherwise it closed out, so that made it really challenging. But my 6'6" worked great in those conditions, it handled the drop even on the head high sets. As it was still a beach break it had its mushy points so my quad really helped me to make it around the sections. There weren’t any other paddlers out but there were hundreds of surfers. Luckily the beach is so long that it spreads the crowds out pretty well…

   The only problem was that an experimental board that I call the Footstrap board didn't really work because the current is real strong there and the board is getting too small for me to ride it in those water currents. It would have made me real bummed because I wanted to show everyone in Japan how cool this thing was, but my Dad sent me this video the night before.

This video is from the BOP when I had some time to go surf. I decided to try the Footstrap board there and it worked great! There are so many possibilities with footstraps that I can’t wait to see more people trying it!

   We hit the road again after a couple hours of surfing and spent the night in Shonan. Marosan and I went to a Korean barbeque restaurant and that was beyond describing. (But I’ll try) You walk into the restaurant and the whole place smells like simmering beef. Then you find a table and there is a small grill built in the center, you order and they bring you raw meat that you can sit there and simmer for as long as you want. I’m talkin’ beef tongue, liver, raw hamburger meat… everything! That last one was really weird but I can appreciate it! After eating I looked around at what a fancy restaurant this was. I don’t think I’ve ever been to such a “high dollar” (or yen) place in my life! I thought about what had been bothering me lately, my Granduncle. I wondered what he’d say today or what he’d say for the rest of the time that I continue on this path. I think if I ever get a big money contract I’ll send it to him and see if he approves! The next morning we surfed there with Takasan, a rider for Naish. It was flat so we didn't stay long. When we started driving again I went with Takasan to his house in Tokyo. The next day we woke up early and shot down to Chiba for the Nalu SUP Meet SUP expo, this was the main reason for the trip so I was excited to see what was in store for us!

...STAY TUNED FOR PART 3 to be posted this FRIDAY!

Posted: November 10, 2010 at 08:54 AM


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