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I apologize...

Ok, so first of all I want to apologize for spacing on the blog...  There are a bunch of reasons why I haven’t posted anything new in a while.  First I was really worn out.  At the beginning of spring I wrote a little entry about how I had a ton of events planned for this summer.  Well I’m about half way through them and after Santa Cruz I took a break from writing day to day blogs.  I took a little time off to go to the movies, play video games, network on Facebook, kid stuff!  The last nine months have been the busiest of my life.  Starting with my trip to Punta San Carlos, then California for the BOP, after that the Honolii SUWT Championships, next I went to Japan, followed shortly by the Sunset Beach Pro, and then a week later the Dakhla Festival in Morocco.  But it wasn’t all a non-exciting month!  I was busy day in and day out preparing for upcoming events.  I had to head to the south side to practice my stand up surfing for events like the Pistol River stand up contest, the Nalu Kai Beach expo/contest in Japan, and a bunch more SUWT contests.  Then I had to stay on the north shore and practice my wave riding and jumping for the AWT contests ahead.  Then, if I had enough time to fit it in, I would train for the future stand up races.  Juggling all of these sports kept a constant stream of water time for me.  But the sessions this summer were different than in the winter.  In winter time each session was one single episode after another.  Each day was a whole new experience and a whole new learning curve.  But this summer the days blended in together and every time I went out I was picking up where I had left off the day before, keeping a constant cadence as the weeks went by.  So it really didn’t seem fit to write about individual days but rather to give an overview of the last view weeks.  


In stand up surfing I have been working on a new board, the same size as my older one.  A version of this will be put into production for 2012.  The one I have has really helped my surfing, in fact sending it back to China before Santa Cruz was near heartbreak for me!  This new board has helped me improve my surfing and I’m dying to compete in Pistol and in contests later in the year.  In windsurfing I have really been focusing on refining everything that I do in a heat.  I took what I had done in Santa Cruz and tried to perfect it and make it more effective for Pistol River.  Finally, stand up racing has really been a larger focus than ever for me this summer.  I have been going on more and more runs trying to get faster and faster.  In the end, this hasn’t been much of a break at all; but it has been a way to re-energize for the Pistol River contest.  And now that I am on the I-5 to Gold Beach I feel more ready, more focused, and more energized than ever!

Posted: June 17, 2011 at 11:41 AM
By: Windsport Magazine
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