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Japanese Adventure - PART ONE

"The lifestyle that I have chosen has brought me all the way to Japan, and I’m only 14."—Bernd

I just got back from Japan and the trip was so much fun! You know, it’s funny, I always knew that I would travel to places as far out as Japan but I never thought it would happen this fast. It was only four years ago that I didn’t even know what stand-up was; now I’m traveling the world because of it! I mean, Japan! This trip is so huge and it was very cool for me because I have so much family here. For me, this trip was not only about promotion, but also to learn more about my family and what kind of place I fit into there. Here’s a short story about what I discovered in the land of the rising sun.

My Mom and I flew out of Oahu in the afternoon on the 14th and landed in Kobe at night on the 15th, weird! The first four days I spent in Kobe.

On the first day I went up to Mt. Rokko, which had a super cool view of Kobe. The city is so big that it seems like it goes on forever! That night I ate sushi with my Mom, Grandma, and my First Aunt (who’s place I stayed at). She also brought her three sons and husband who were very funny! The food was awesome and I ate way more weird stuff than I have ever thought possible!

Then the next day we all went to the Universal Studios Theme Park, which was the sickest thing ever!

The first ride had about a 40ft drop and I was freaking out because I had never been on a roller coaster before! We slowly chugged all the way up at like 0.5 miles per hour and then stopped right at the top. From there I stared down at what seemed like pure death, and went shooting down it! I felt terrible. Then the ride went into a sharp turn that resembled a 30 ft spoon. I got pressed into my seat as the ride went around the spoon and then got basically bucked up and down on these hill things. Then the ride corkscrewed back up to the top and dropped back to the bottom again. Yah, that ride was only the sickest thing ever!

My third day in Kobe was more relaxing; we went to the Himeji Castle and saw some really cool ancient Japanese architecture. Plus I honed my Kanji reading skills by reading fire warnings and gate names in Japanese!

That night we went to my Granduncle’s house and had Suki Yaki, it sounds like Sucky Yucky but its for sure not!

After dinner my Grandma started talking about how my Great Grandfather was the first in his family of Shinto priests to become a scholar, this change in his life affected his children and their children. (I found out that many people in my family have graduated from college and are very successful.) Then my Granduncle, who is a “scholarly man” himself, asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up. I wasn’t gonna lie, I told him I was going to be a pro athlete. When I saw the disappointment in his eyes I thought of how hypocritical he was. 100 years ago my Great Granddad probably told his Granduncle that he was going to become an engineer. Can you guess what his Granduncle said? But despite his lack of support he graduated, became a great engineer, and became so successful that he was able to send the rest of his family to school. Am I so different? Am I not choosing a path that future generations will thank me for? I didn’t argue my point but I kept it in the back of my mind on the way back from his house. The lifestyle that I have chosen has brought me all the way to Japan, and I’m only 14.

Anyways, by the fourth day of riding on trains and using overcrowded public restrooms I was sick and had to miss my Mom and Grandma's trip to Kyoto, which is where there are many ancient temples and shrines.

The good thing was that I slept all day and ate plenty of soup and felt way better by the next day, just in time to... (PART TWO will be posted on Wednesday!)

Posted: November 7, 2010 at 09:42 PM
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